My Consoles

That’s right, I’m a filthy console gamer!

My current setup includes:

  1. Xbox One – Held off for two and a half years and then finally took advantage of the great Black Friday deals in 2015.
  2. Xbox 360 – I wasn’t about to get rid of this. It’s full of three years’ worth of free Games With Gold titles!
  3. Nintendo 3DS – This is the original 3DS, not the big one, not the new one, not the new big one. I’ve underutilised this for years, but I’m now seeing the benefits of the massive library of original DS games!
  4. Nintendo DS – I’ve still got an ORIGINAL DS. And I don’t mean the Lite! This gives me access to the GBA library, in case I need it.
  5. Game Boy Advance – Speaking of, I do have an original GBA knocking about somewhere. No backlight, so I’d prefer to use my DS, but it does give me access to original Game Boy titles.
  6. Nintendo 64 – My first love. This is in a box somewhere in my room, and I still have a decent selection of games for it.
  7. Moto G – This is my Android phone. Not a big fan of mobile gaming, but I’ve got the capability should I need it.
  8. Laptop – This 6/7-year-old laptop is really on its last legs… It can barely start up, but if there was a VERY low intensity PC game I could potentially play it on here.

I’ll also mention that I used to have a Wii, but it got stolen a few years back. So I have a decent library of GameCube and Wii games in a drawer.

Tempted to try and put together a massive list of everything I own at some point, but that might take some time…

Not dead, just playing games a while after release

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